Unitarian Universalist History

Starr King School offers these online resources for Unitarian Universalist history:

  • Our Unitarian Heritage” by Earl Morse Wilbur, the school’s first president, a 292-page document available in PDF format.

  • A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and Its Antecedents, Vol. I (368 pages) and A History of Unitarianism: Transylvania, England and America, Vol. II (870 pages) by Earl Morse Wilbur, both available in PDF format.

  • Biographical sketch of Thomas Starr King, noted 19th century Unitarian and Universalist leader for whom the school was named.

  • In Their Own Words,” proceedings of a January 2001 historic reunion at Starr King School of the Black Unitarian Universalist Caucus/Black Affairs Council and FULLBAC, their white supporters. Reunion participants were active in the black empowerment controversies of the 1960s and 1970s. A 72-page document available in PDF format.

  • Wilbur Rare Book Collection, searchable by author's name and date of publication.

  • Click for a list of papers written by Starr King faculty and students that include Unitarian and Universalist history topics.
  • Flora Lamson Hewlett Library
    The Hewlett Library of the Graduate Theological Union holds archives of signifigance to Unitarian Universalists. Through this and the Earl Morse Wilbur collection, Starr King School has established itself as a significant center for the scholarly study of Unitarian and Universalist history.


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