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Watch and listen to Dr. Rebecca Parker's lecture at Lancaster Theological Seminary, titled "Saving Paradise", in May 2009.


"Which Side Are You On?" Leslie Feinberg

"I Raise My Voice " Leslie Feinberg

"The Stones Will Speak: Building a House of Spirit and Hope" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker


"The Second Letter to the Graduates" Rev. Daniel Kanter


"Centennial Convocation" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

"History of Islam in the United States" Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé

"Looking Back, Moving Forward" Rev. Dr. Gordon McKeeman

"Nature Writings: Words of the Rev. Thomas Starr King" Arliss Ungar

"UUA Centennial Citation" UUA President Bill Sinkford


"Face to Face: Human Presence and Non-Violent Resistance" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

"Mixing It All Up" Dr. Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajaje'

"Teaching for Peace in a Time of Impending War" Dr. Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajaje'


"Thomas Starr King" Arliss Ungar


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