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"Tell Them I Said Yes to Life" Abbey Tennis


"Veteran's Day 2012" Bryan Plude

Starr King Symposium 2012 Opening Sermon (video) Dr. Ibrahim Farajajé


"Theological Education in a Time of War" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker


"Ruined for Life" Alexandra McGee, recipient of the 2007 Unitarian Universalist Current Issues Sermon Award


"Keep the Circle Whole: The Challenge of Unitarian Universalist Theology" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker

"Sharing a Journey" Lisa Sargent


"A Simple Lesson" Michelle Favreault

"Amina's Prophecy: Pondering Peacemaking and the Costs of War" Sally Hamlin

"Finding Faith ... A Search for the Holy" collection of student and staff quotes from a March 15, 2005 SKSM chapel

"For All That Is Our Life" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker

"Love First" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker

"Little Mind, Big Mind" Douglas C.B. Kraft

"One" Christopher Craethnenn

"The Flesh Is Weak" Bill Kennedy


"Opening Our Hearts to a New Andalusia" Mark Evens

"Opening Up, Flowing Down and Turning Inside Out" Patti Lawrence

"The Mending Wall" Darrel Richey

"The Opening of Paradise" Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker

"Wanting, Giving and Getting" Bonnie McClish Dlott

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