Papers by Starr King School students and faculty.

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Selected articles

"From Freedom, Reason, Tolerance, Right Behavior and Salvation by Character: Toward a Liberal Christian Concept of Man and the World" George Huntston Williams


"Kabbalah and Sacred Psychology"
Jennifer Whitten

"Personal Leadership in the Time of the Great Turning"
Munro Sickafoose

"Leadership and the Apocalypse"
Earl Koteen


“God and Nature in Thomas Starr King’s ‘Lessons from the Sierra Nevada’ and ‘Living Waters from Lake Tahoe’”
Sheri Prud’homme

“The Martyrdom of Rev. James Reeb”
Ralph Krog

“Care Giving: Perspective from a Trench”
Janet Ferree


"Emerson's God" Lora Brandis

"The Humanist-Theist Controversy" Susan Casteel



"Not an End But a Beginning" Dara Kaufman-LeDonne

"Reflection: Dorothy Day's 'Loaves and Fishes'" Perry Pike

"William Ellery Channing and Slavery" Robert Ruehl

"A Letter From Transylvania" James Field



"Unitarian Univeralism -- Staying Alive!" Jeanelyse Doran Adams, Earl W. Koteen, Julia McKay

"An Annotated Bibliography of Univeralist Hymn and Song Books" Susan M. Shaw

"Spirit of Life: An Ancient Concept for Post-modern Times" Susan B. Wilkes


"An Unusual Interest: Universalism and Revivalism, Assimilation and Liberation" Adam Robersmith

"Can Unitarian Universalists talk about God," a dialogue between Dr. Rebecca Parker and the Rev. Bill Sinkford ('95), UUA president. The Rev. Sinkford responds in "Language of Reverence"

"Laura Matilda Towne: Liberty, Love and Laughter" Nan L. White

"Margaret Fuller" Alicia Roxanne Forde

"Nagoshi-no-Oharai: A Traditional Ritual" Ron Hersom

"Speaking Out for Justice: Words of the Rev. Thomas Starr King" Arliss Ungar

"The Inherent Worth and Dignity of All People" John Wright

"The Spiritual Evolution of Lydia Maria Child" Telos Whitfield

"Unitarian Universalist History" Frank Clarkson


"Attend... Attend... Attend" Theadora Davitt-Cornyn

"A Tale of a Reluctant Pilgrim" John Wright

"Chinese Indonesian: Possibilities for a Civil Society" Dr. Clare Benedicks Fischer

"Down to Earth Spirituality" Molly Young Brown

"Faustus Socinus" Victoria Ingram

"God, Nature and Politics: The Ministry of Thomas Starr King" William Kennedy

"Kenneth L. Patton: Citizen of the Universe" Kennan J. Pomeroy

"Monument or Mall? Pilgrimage and Tourism in Indonesia" Dr. Clare Benedicks Fischer

"Polygamy in Munster" Kate Arms

"Seeing with Holy Eyes: The Life and Art of Vincent Van Gogh" Barbara Meyers

"Towards Santiago" Laura Friedman

"Writing as a Spiritual Practice" Heather Starr



"Thomas Starr King" Arliss Ungar

"Unitarian and Universalist Denominational and Individual Involvement in the Anti-slavery Movement Prior to the U.S. Civil War" Paul McLain


"Changing the Words: An Historical Introduction to Unitarian Universalist Hymnody" Jason Shelton

"Textiles and the Reformation" Barbara Meyers

"The Spirit of Dorthea Dix: Unitarians, Universalists and the Mentally Ill" Barbara Meyers


"At the Beginning of a Great Career: Whitman's 1855 'Leaves of Grass' as the Embodiment of Emerson's 'The Poet' " James Leach

"Henry Ware Jr. on the Role of Emotion and of the Religious Life" Francesca Hughes

"Jan Hus" Fred Rabidoux

"Religious and Civic Authority in European Drama" Lyn Cox

"The Many Faces of Olympia Brown" Lyn Cox

"The Second Radical Reformation: The Unitarian Fellowship Movement" Holley Hewett Ulbrich



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