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Summer 2012

Polity Intensive at UU General Assembly, Phoenix AZ
Immersion, June 20-24, 2012
Susan Ritchie
The course held alongside UU General Assembly in Phoenix June of 2012 explores the past and present of congregational polity as practiced in Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist contexts.  How have changing cultures and theologies of leadership, authority, accountability and church shaped (and been shaped by) our institutions?  The special social justice focus of this General Assembly will allow us to pay special attention to the questions of how our polity advances (and where it retards) issues of social justice? We will attend plenaries, mini-assemblies, and traditional events such as the Service of the Living Tradition together, discussing the history of what we are to witness beforehand and making an analysis of our experience after. This will allow us to move beyond mere history towards an understanding of what it takes to be an effective and responsible political actor in contemporary UU settings. 
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Please note the registration deadline for this course is June 13, 2012.

FTHS 4077    1.5 Units    
Minimum 5  Limit 15     PIN Required: No
UUA General Assembly, Phoenix, AZ

Please note new dates
Aug. 24-25, Fri-Sat, 9:00AM-5:00PM
Guy Sengstock

Do you have a serious desire to grow past your “edges”? Would you like to cultivate more love, patience, kindness, joyfulness, and/or compassion in your life? In the nine-month Graceful Leadership course sequence (running from August 2012 to May 2013), students will explore interpersonal relating as a spiritual practice. In service of living more fully into an inspirational and healing grace, we will work to develop a stronger relational grounding (a “ministerial” or “non-anxious” presence) from which we can more easily approach issues of authority, work-life balance, self-care, conflict management, navigating expectations of yourself, and boundaries. We will provide an open-ended structure to help each participant get what they came for. Unlike what can be gleaned from one-shot workshops or retreats (which often fade rapidly), the Graceful Leadership course sequence will provide nine months of continuous support, resources, and training, allowing you to more fully integrate what you are learning into your habitual way of being. We will also emphasize experiential activities and using your day-to-day (personal and professional) life as a “text” over these nine months. You will also get a good deal of practice both receiving and providing pastoral care.
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An online informational session about the course will be held at 6:30pm (PDT) on Wednesday, April 18.  Please e-mail to attend.

Please note the registration deadline for this course is August 20, 2012.

FTSP 4081   1.00 units
PIN Required: Yes; Interview required; postrequisites: Fall, January, Spring, and Summer portions.
Minimum 5  Limit (15)

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