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2009-2010 Intersession Courses

Updated: March 16, 2009

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December 2009 

Rumi Immersion in Turkey
Exact Dates TBA, but will run loosely from  December 10-19, 2009                              
Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé
Every year, Sufis from around the world gather for the annual celebration of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi's death.  Concerts, symposia, lectures, sema (ceremony of the whirling dervishes), dhikrs (Sufi ceremony of Divine Remembrance), etc. take place throughout the day and late into the night.  Rumi Immersion students will participate in sessions focusing on the study of Rumi; Islam in Turkey; dance and music in spiritual practice, etc.. There will be opportunities to meet with members of Jewish, Eastern Orthodox and Muslim Sufi communities in Istanbul and Konya, as well as with professors and students of theology.  Preparatory readings and videos will be required ahead of time.  The group will maintain a blog with video throughout the trip so that other members of the community can experience this.  Students should arrange to finish the work for their fall semester courses prior to their travels.  Students are responsible for securing their own passports, and arrange for appropriate visa requirements to Turkey from your country of citizenship.  In addition to tuition, the estimated additional costs will include airfare (secured by the student), plus $1400 to $2100 for room, board and transfers within Turkey.  Final costs to be determined in May 2009.  For more information, email
HRRA 4802                3 units            
Minimum:  8.  Limit:  15         PIN Required
Class meets in  Istanbul/Konya/Cappadocia (Turkey)

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January 2010 - Week One 

Media Skills in Public Ministry: Preaching Beyond the Pulpit
9:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, January 4-January 8, 2010          
Helio Fred Garcia
This one-week intensive course prepares religious professionals to be effective performing public ministry through the news media.  Topics covered include:  How the news media works; balancing the pastoral and the prophetic; effective interview techniques; framing, symbolic language and message development; mainstream media/social media writing, engagement, and advocacy; social justice advocacy through the media; developing effective media advocacy plans; intensive real-world press conference as the final project.  The course is highly interactive and includes role-play, simulation interviews, videotaped television performance, press conferences, and writing for the media.  The final project includes developing written materials and conducting media interviews on a justice or advocacy issue.  Students will be required to do reading available through the GTU Bookstore and the GTU Online Moodle System before the first day of class.  This course is open to SKSM and GTU students, local ministers and lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.
RSFT 4039      3 units
Minimum: 5     Limit: 15         PIN Required
Fireside Room

Anti-Oppression Ministry
**NEW DATE AND TIME: 6:00-9:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, January 4-8, 2010
Sofia Betancourt and Devorah Greenstein
An exploration of systems of power and oppression in our culture, our institutions, and ourselves. We will build on the understandings of oppression that students bring to the class, and will consider various perspectives such as power analysis, theological socialization, identity mapping, and internalized superiority/oppression. Critical examples from the Disability Rights and Racial Justice movements will be used. The course will make use of experiential anti-oppression activities, so that by the end of the course, each student will leave with an anti-oppression toolkit that will help equip them, as religious leaders, in their own future anti-oppression ministries.  This course will require some reading to be completed before the first day of class.  The course reader and first assignment information will be available for purchase at the nearby Copy Central, 2483 Hearst Ave., Berkeley.  This course is open to SKSM and GTU students, and local ministers.
RSFT 4192     1.5 units
Minimum: 8     Limit: 20         PIN Required
Fireside Room

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January 2010 - Week Two 

Restorative Justice & Social Change
9:00-12:00, Monday to Friday, January 11-15, 2010                    
Marinetta Cannito Hjort
Restorative Justice is a paradigm based on the assumption that justice can and should promote healing and reparation for individuals and communities, and is a matter of socially shared responsibilities.  This course provides an introduction to the principles and values of Restorative Justice, its spiritual framework, and its primary restorative models and processes.  Using the systemic approach in the analysis of various cases of crime, this one-week intensive course equips religious leaders with strategic skills to address broader social justice issues and the structural roots of crime, towards the development of a culture of peace and sustainable justice.  Role-plays will provide opportunities for the participants to experience awareness of own feelings, re-humanize the ‘other’, learn how to create safe spaces where victims, offenders and community representatives can listen to each other’s story and perspectives, and commit themselves to (re)create communities of reconciliation and power-balanced relationships.  Subject to clearance for all participants, the course will include the visit to two programs based on the principles of Restorative Justice: the RSVP (Resolve to Stop the Violence Project) in-custody and post release violence prevention program of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, and the San Francisco community program addressed to help the victims of violent crimes.
CERS 4020     1.5 units
Minimum 8      Limit 24          No PIN Required
Fireside Room

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January 2010 - Week Three 

Race, Religion and Islamophobia

9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday, January 19-23, 2010
Ibrahim Farajajé
The lasting impact of Islam on Europe came from the long years of Muslim sovereignty in Spain (al-Andalus) and Sicily.  From a Western European perspective, Africa came to be identified with the Muslim world, and as such, was seen as the enemy of Christianity.  This contributed to the conflation of "Black" and "Moor"; it also led to Africans being seen as the very incarnations of sin, evil, and inferiority.   We will examine how Islamophobia, the unfounded hostility towards Islam and Muslims, presents Islam as something monolithic and static, lacking in diversity and dynamism.  The examination of the linking of demonized alterity with inferiority will also provide the context in which we look at historical cases, such as Bosnia, where conversion to Islam was equated with a change of "racial" identity.  The dynamics of racialized Islamophobia shape a context in which it becomes all the more imperative to read in the in-between spaces, to analyze absences, and to "read" cultural artifacts as "text".  We will also look at how Orientalism substands Islamophobia and shapes the ways in which Islam is studied and represented in this country.
HR 4836         3 Units
Minimum 5      Limit 20          PIN Required
Fireside Room

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January 2010 - Week Four 

Latinos and Unitarian Universalism: A Good Fit!
7:10-9:40 p.m., Monday-Friday, January 25-29, 2010                             
Lilia Cuervo
Increasingly, Unitarian Universalists congregations are being surrounded by Latino populations, millions of whom do not speak Spanish.  Numbers of ministers and lay leaders desire to serve these populations, yet they are at loss as to how both attract them and share our faith with them.  This course is designed to enable students to especially practice spiritual justice by sharing our precious faith with Latino seekers longing for a spiritual home.  Students will acquire demographic, cultural, and theological competencies that will prepare them to confidently and efficiently tumble barriers precluding their ministering to the Latinos/as.  Requirements in preparation for this course (To be completed prior to the beginning of the intensive):  A 3-5 pages written report of the student’s observations and conclusions regarding the feasibility as well as the pitfalls and obstacles to attracting Latinos to the San Jose congregation.  The report should be based on the following:  Attendance at a 9:30 AM Sunday Worship service of the student’s choice at the First Unitarian Church of San Jose (located at 160 North Third Street in San Jose), participation in their social hour; an interview with the two ministers and with the Spanish-speaking Ministries Coordinator.  Contact information for the ministers can be found at
FTRS 4074      1.5 units
Minimum: 5     Limit: 20         No PIN Required
Fireside Room

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To Be Announced 

Community Fieldwork January
Gabriella Lettini
Community Fieldwork includes work in gender, racial and economic justice, queer activism, disability advocacy, immigration issues, environmental responsibility, civil liberties protection, HIV response, youth at risk, peace building, participating in a fundraising campaign for a non for profit or grassroots organization and more. Please arrange with the professor.
FE 4061           1 to 5 units
Minimum:  1     Limit:  25          PIN Required    

Congregational Fieldwork January
Kurt Kuhwald
Fieldwork in Unitarian Universalist congregations includes teaching a religious education class for children or adults, working with a youth group, participating in a stewardship campaign and more. Please arrange with the professor.
FE 4051          1 to 5 units     
Minimum:  1    Limit:  25        PIN Required

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